Orchard West

Construction is underway at Orchard West, the temporary venue which will operate during the closure of The Orchard Theatre, for essential works following concerns over RAAC concrete. 

A state-of-the-art seating arrangement will be at the heart of Orchard West, with 1,091 capacity. The seating arrangement includes front-row, flat floor seats and a raised platform, offering excellent views of the stage. It also provides comfortable seating and accessible positions for all attendees.


Located on the Westgate site just a stone’s throw from The Orchard Theatre, Orchard West will be a unique and exciting setting for audiences to continue to enjoy live performances in a warm, safe and comfortable environment. Crucially, the venue will also support the continuing employment of the theatre team, visiting artists and backstage crew - plus many local businesses in the surrounding area that rely on footfall from theatregoers.   

Ticketholders for events that are moving to Orchard West will be automatically transferred to comparable seats at Orchard West. 

We are continuing to confirm our upcoming programme and more details will be released soon. Ticketholders for upcoming events will be contacted by the theatre team as soon as possible over the next few weeks. 

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